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A) The opposite of Greg Maddux. A cheater with a bad attitude, anger issues, and a lone wolf mentality. Plays for himself, and quite willing to throw his family and friends under the bus to make sure his cheating ways don't hurt his hall of fame chances.

B) VERB To backstab someone in order to avoid heat.

C) When having vaginal intercourse with a girl, pull out and instantly ram it into her ass, like a steroids needle.

(P.S. Greg Maddux was denied Cy Young awards when he was the best pitcher in the league, and Roger Clemens has won them when he wasn't. And one of them likes to have needles jammed into his ass, and I'll give you a hint, it isn't Greg Maddux.)
A) Roger Clemens is the epitome of what a major league baseball player should not be.

B) My best friend pulled a Roger Clemens on me.

C) Way to go, McNamee.
by HarbingerofTruth March 31, 2008
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Now a 45 year old attention whore, Clemens was once a great baseball player who has played for the Toronto Blue Jays, the Houston Astros, and the New York Yankees. As he got older he's become a roid freak to win back his long time boyfriend Brian McNamee. But it costed him his respect and fame.
Roger Clemens is too old. But he just won't give up.
by Smart American Male June 02, 2008
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Greg Maddux is better because Roger Clemens is a cheater.
Sure, Roger Clemens has more Cy Youngs, All-Star appearances, and strikeouts, but his bloodstream is also baseball's oldest chemical factory.
by Greg Cujo December 14, 2007
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annually returning weed of major league baseball. was once a dominant pitcher,but has for the last four years has retired and continuously whined about making a decision to pitch again. for the last three years he played for his hometown houston astros, claiming he wanted to be near home and be in the same organization as his son.
he now claims that he wants to go to a contender, where he can "make a difference." he signed with the new york yankees, a team in desperate need of pitching.
coincidentally, he will be seen as a "savior" which will play serve into his massive ego. another team he said he considered was boston, the best team in baseball as of his signing, and a team that could also have used another starter. truth be told, he didn't sign with boston not because they didn't offer enough money (they offered about two million dollars a month less than new york's $28 million for roughly four months)but because he would not have been the same media circus he will be in new york; he would have almost blended in with hero curt schilling, 6-0 unbeaten josh beckett, japanese legend daisuke matsuzaka, and the rejuvenated tim wakefield.
roger clemens is a schmuck.
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The best pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball. A six-time Cy Young award winner for best pitcher in the American league. Also a mercenary who never really cared about the success of his teams; he only cared about winning a World Series for himself.
by RexGibson March 08, 2004
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