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"Father" of Benji and Joel madden (orginally combs) he walked out on benji, joel, sarah (their sister), josh (their brother) and their mom on christmas eve 1995 :(
songs hes included in "emotionless"
its been a long hard road without you by my side why wernt you there all the nights that we cried you broke my mothes heart you broke your children for life its not okay but we're alright
by Bre January 22, 2004
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Father of Benji and Joel Madden. I have tracked down this man and given him $500 and a pat on the back.

The reason Joel is so Ghetto and Benji is so hardcore.
Oh look, Good Charlotte have written another song about there father walking out on them on Christmas eve. I wonder what Good Charlotte would write songs about if their dad didn't leave them?
by kit January 29, 2005
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