Its a term that implies extreme laughter.

Rolling on floor laughing my fucking ass off
Somebody tells a joke, you say:

by .MasterAnimator May 2, 2008
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Abbrevation for; "Rolling on floor, laughing my fucking ass off" and somtimes used "Rolling on floor, laughing my fat ass off." It is a mixture of "Rofl" which is "Rolling on floor laughing" and "lmfao" "laughing my fucking/fat ass off."
Bob: "Lmfao I just fucking pwned j00, ROFLMFAO!"

Greg: "Dude, you fucking newb0r, you didn;t fucking pwn anyone but your mom. Dude your gay... hah I just fucking killed you... ROFLMFAO!"
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
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Oh my fucking god rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off...while repeatedly fucking a goldfish.
Guy: did you see that funny video I sent?
Guy: that's sick...
by Animechick1231 January 17, 2015
1: Dude when Doug jumped through the window marie went Roflmfao mode and couldnt stop crying from laughter
2: This idiot just failed putting his shoes on Roflmfao what a loser
by idfkmaaaan April 27, 2018
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