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high school mostly known for having rich white kids who hotbox the bathroom during pass periods and think they’re the shit at sports but loses almsot even football game every year.also most commonly said word in the halls is “snake” or “blunt”....all freshman drink to be “cool” and say nigga to be cool
man 1:what high school did you go to?
man 2:i went to rockford lutheran
man 1: damn so you know about all the snakes
by lmaoooooothot November 01, 2017
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An extremely self-righteous organization in the Rockford Area that claims to have the best level of education in a city known for having the shittiest education.
Dude you got the coke?

Yeah I have 2 Keys.

Dude where'd you go to school, Rockford Lutheran? You have 3 keys.

How'd you know?
by Gangbangin December 26, 2011
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