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A fucking whore who resides on YouTube most of her "videos" are usually rated only one star.She bribes people into subscribing to her, that if they subscribe to her she subscribes back to them. Which is of course, fake.
She's a mean assed pussy, who's thinks she always right and won't stop fighting until her opinion is proven.
She loves Pokemon, Jonas Brothers, Webkinz and Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna, Bratz which of course all suck.
She's a crazy flamer on other people's videos and always goes like, "KIKYO SUCKS!" or something like that even though she don't allow anyone to do on her videos.
She's always foul mouthed and replying badly to others. She may seem nice but is actaully terrible.
She must die, fuck her! :)
This is her account:
Her account looks lardy-da but she has the most terrible personality anyone could imagine.
We will deal with her soon and hopefully suspend her account.
Are you talking about that fucking whore, rockangelgirls?
We will report her for you.
Block her ass!
by YouTube Reporting Team October 07, 2008
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