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a measure of weight derived from the average weight of a rockabilly girl. equivalent to 250lbs. Abreviated rbg
My pig weighs one rockabilly girl.(1rbg)

Q:How much do you think that '50 Ford weighs?
A:About 10 rockabilly girls.(10rbgs)

by plasmatic666 September 17, 2007
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Contrary to that other Joe's opinion, a rockabilly girl embraces the alternative fashion from post 1940-1965. She comes in all shapes, ages and clothing sizes from petite to curvy. 14 years-40. typically wears her hair like Betty Paige or any Old Hollywood Era starlet and dresses in anything from Rosie the Riviter, to Marianne from Gilligan's Island to Joan Harris of the first few seasons of Mad Men.
I am a young adult rockabilly girl, I tend to dress like Rosie the Riviter and marianne on a daily basis because it suits me. sometimes I even dress like a movie siren if I go somewhere fancy.
by Thegingersnap18 March 16, 2015
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