a popular form of music that kicks the ass of most other geners of music. in fact, its the best, period.
i like ROCK music, everything else sux ass
by Crozier November 20, 2006
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The mother of modern music. first played by the creaters of this music form such as bill haley and his comets and many more. Rock requires talent a brain to actually know what rock is (instead of avril) and none hell of a lung capacity. Without rock there would be none of the great music we have today.
Did you hear the bass guitarest in that rock band
by ROCKTEACHER101 October 23, 2003
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Crack cocaine normally smoked but can be broken down and injected. It is also sold in a rock shape form but may be flat either
by gangster garrett September 08, 2006
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Used as a positive reaction to a comment/question.
To replace such words as; Alright! Yeah! Neato! Wicked! Score!, etc.
"Let's draw pictures"

by Blang June 14, 2004
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Verb: To rock, (not cook crack cocaine, or any other meltable drug powder into solid-rock-like-balls-of-chemicals, but to play rock music, head bang, drink a lot of Jack Daniels and sleep with at least three groupies at once, scream really loud at the top of one's voice while other people slam their instruments in a rhythmic fashion and call it 'rock music', basically be really cool.). Present tense.
He/She/That Dude/That Chick rocks! *head bangs*
by Lex May 20, 2004
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1. A large stone

2. A type of music which has evolved in the last 10 years, this type of music contains depth and thought and most of all talent. Not just screaming and loud guitars with a drum beat in the background, as most people presume, yes it has instruments, which is obviously much better than some girl singing over a beat which replays over and over throughout the song. Rock music is creative, imaginative and unpredictable. Fuck pop and it's culture.
Not recommended for those who have bad taste in music.
by Rachel July 10, 2003
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1. a stone; hard somewhat circular shaped peice of hard earth people often throw these at people for a friendly hello.
2. music (classic rock is the best kind)
I'm gonna throw a rock at your head!

Pink Floyd and led zeppelin are the best classic rock bands ever!
by honky October 25, 2003
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