Though some may say that rochester is a "cow town" it is home to the most gansta mother fuckers this side of the bridge. Located in south eastern mass it is next to the shitty towns of marion and mattapoisett. Clearly the best of the tri-town experience is in rochester. Known for its baseball and wiffleball, you best not mess with rochester. Although you may see pickup with guns and such in the back, trust me, they are not just for hunting. Rochester has a long standing rivalry with Marion, cuz they are gay and love themselves, and Mattapooisett because they house "thugs" such as the not so infamous A-O for Ya-O and The Fresh CR3W. This people are defined as "Shit Heads" or "Cunt Rags", They make up the scum of the tri-town and make everyone wicked angry. The kids from Rochester, however are "balla"
Balla: rochester is the tits
Kid: true dat nigga
by Balla's November 20, 2006
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a piece of shit city full of deutche bags who think they are hard but are really a bunch of herbs. people in rochester generally like to suck on hockey sticks smotherd in gravy and cheese for fun. it's national past time is talking shit about new york city sports teams because their city sucks so bad at everything. the weed in rochester is terrible and so are the women who are only attracted to guys with IQ's lower than 65.
guy 1- hey man, do you want to go to rochester this weekend?

guy 2- nah thats ok why dont you just kick me in the nuts instead.
by brockport student June 27, 2011
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A city in Upstate, NY that has alot of potential but is rampant with murders, robberies & hoodlums also teen pregnancy. A place where seeing a 14 yr old 8th grader with a baby bump is normal. Where all the gangs think they're tough because they can jump and have guns. Downtown is coming along though the hoodlums probably wont go without a fight. Superb suburban areas Gates, Penfield, Fairport, Etc. The city is also known for the terrible winters but awesome summer, and spring seasons.
A;I'm from the "ROC"
B;Werd where at in the roc?
A;Hudson Ave.
B;Oh that's wassup.

2nd convo

C;Hey did you hear Lercy's prego?
D;Nah I didn't...Dayumm ain't she still in middle school?
C;Yeah but you know how it is in Rochester, They Eff em young.
by funnyguy90 February 26, 2011
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Rochester, Michigan. It's the where drugs, sex and general superficiality are a vital part of reality. Where you can charge a slice of pizza on plastic. Where you shop with celebrities at Somerset on weekends, walk Old Woodward and the streets of RHills. Where you've got sixth graders with cells, and private school rivals and the public schools that hate them all. Where the colors Brown and Gold known as stylish and kilts are a common accessory to the Championship football games due to the Highlander Pride. We live amongst Eminem and the infamous Detroit Pistons on the Billion Dollar Mile. Where there are more country clubs than fast food joints, and porche driving soccer moms pop their collars and no one cares about the West Coast (even though a winter home there is nice).

That's how we do it in Oakland County. The Real O.C.

Q: What is one great town in Oakland County, MI?
A: Rochester
by ROCgal December 29, 2005
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(AKA Roch)Town or City, I'm not sure which (thers a cathedral but someone petitioned to make it a town), in Medway, Kent, England. Full of grungers, bmxers, skaters and other people who listen to "Alternative" music, as well as plenty of "normal" people, some opf whom are the friendliest people you will ever meet. A great place to go and visit because of the history of the place: important castle and cathedral, as well as being the residence (and birthplace and place of death i think) of Charles Dickens, and was, until recently, the site of a Dickens museum. Its only downfall is its location: a few minutes walk from Chavham, so beware if you are waring anything that could identify you as a member of any of the groups mentioned above should you venture too far from rochester alone.
Person 1: "Lets go to Rochester!"
Person 2: "Yeah! Roch rocks!"
by burnchavhamtotheground September 14, 2005
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1. A person who is not traditionally considered attractive for reasons such as appearance, personality, ect.

It is a reference to Edward Rochester the love interest of Jane Eyre, a character from a book of the same name.
Person 1: I really think I'm attracted to William in history class.

Person 2: well sure he is kind of nice, even though he isn't all that attractive. I guess you are into Rochesters huh?
by Mad Plutonian Overlord October 26, 2015
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a small town in washington with tons of hickish people that all come together. full of crazy soccer moms and stoner middle schoolers.
You: Isn't Rochester where that lady kicked the coach of her kindergartners soccer team in the balls?

Me: Probably.
by jerryisallama December 25, 2014
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