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A town located in Beaver Pennsylvania that most of the people in there have zeropotential and you can find heroin needle is outside your local Big Lots , it's mostly dead as fuck unless you got some good marijuana ,and alcohol the pigs are always out jacking people for no reason , there's a lot of dumb people and crack heads , the only other way to pass time with out drugs or drank is to skate , chill at the o.g plug crib (Sheetz) , have a fire in the woods ,walk around (<---still beat ) or go to the art bridge , these days you can find most kids inside playing videogames or posting about there fortnite wins , there are a good 3 woods that are decent to explore but nobody ever does to it's ideal stoner smoke spot , there are to many fakes , bums , bassheads in Rochester , the school (Rochester area school district ) is the worst school district in Beaver county where teachers are dick heads to kids (s/o to the like 4 o.g teachers that are dope) ,all high schoolers think there hard , an over load of drama between everyone ,and to many posers , if your thinking about moving to Rochester p,a don't youll be wasting a lot of time!
by 8==DAlralralr,dinner& May 20, 2018
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