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To define a "Robo Hobo" is a somewhat difficult task. To come to understand these immense and complex creatures we must first observe their surroundings. Robo Hobo's tend to graze constantly throughout the day and spend most nights in a cardboard box. When approached, a loud growl will usually escape their lips, then soon afterward the animal will start speaking in a slurred voice begging you to tell him/her a story about unicorns and insists on calling you Atticus.
I wandered down an alley, (my usual shortcut to school) just the other day, and came across what looked to be a Robo Hobo.

"RAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Atticus, where is your HORN?!" Said the monstrous creature.

I hurried home and made myself some chai tea to calm my nerves from the terrifying ordeal.
by redkingjupiterborne February 27, 2009
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the amazing person you wish you could be. It is fearless and takes care of Blue clay that grows under a hedge location: Iyr Likes: OJ in a can, Ninjas
Me and Robo Hobo are gonna see Arthur today.
by Le Real French Ninja April 25, 2011
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