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a word not invented and/or trademarked by callum. (also means warm weather or another word for croquets which are too hot)
1. these croquets are roasty toasty
2. wow it’s roast toasty outside
3. callum you did not create roasty toasty
by roasty toasty August 10, 2019
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When you so fucking baked (high) that you feel like you have unlocked a key to a new universe.
Dude you missed the party last night

Friend- how was it

We all got roasty toasty bruh
by Hīrhkdßæ August 25, 2019
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When one takes a huge shit, warms it in the micro-wave or similar warming device and places it into another persons mouth while they are sleeping (mouth must be open)Therefore the person has a burnt mouth and has a fresh taste of shit!
Jon: Ur an ass
Mike: Don't open your mouth tonite or you will recieve a roasty toasty
by Roast 'n' Toast March 10, 2009
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