(noun) An alcoholic drink that you have in the car.
Jim never goes on a long trip without bringing a couple of roadies.
by RRayne July 19, 2006
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A roadie is a drink you bring disguised in some sort of bottle. Usually a soda bottle filled some sort of liquor, (e.g. Sprite/Vodka, or Diet Coke/Whiskey). Whatever your drink of choice mixed in a common drink bottle. Hence, you can take it on the road with you. Roadie
"Did you bring the roadies for the hike bro"?
"Is that a Sprite or a roadie"?
"Hurry, grab the dogs and the roadies".
by Static80 May 24, 2017
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I got roadie on the way home from a party last night
by Justin June 01, 2004
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The best job ever. It often involves lugging gear around and setting up the stage for the band. There are also specialized roadies that deal with one specific thing, such as guitars, basses, drums, and front of house sound, these are referred to as techs or techies. Roadies also fix any problems that may occur during a show. Many bands have at least one roadie, but usually don't have more than 10.
I'm the roadie for the PG's; I lug their amplifiers and guitars to the stage and set up for the show. I also handle the merch booth when the singer's girlfriend is busy
by elijah (psykokatt storm) June 05, 2015
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A code name for an adult beverage usually contained in some kind of a travel cup, also referred to as a sippie cup, which is consumed by the passenger during a road trip.
“Do you want to bring a Roadie for the drive to the in-laws?”
“What kind of Roadies are we having on the trip, vodka and red bull?”
by Plasterman January 20, 2019
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