The best job ever. It often involves lugging gear around and setting up the stage for the band. There are also specialized roadies that deal with one specific thing, such as guitars, basses, drums, and front of house sound, these are referred to as techs or techies. Roadies also fix any problems that may occur during a show. Many bands have at least one roadie, but usually don't have more than 10.
I'm the roadie for the PG's; I lug their amplifiers and guitars to the stage and set up for the show. I also handle the merch booth when the singer's girlfriend is busy
by elijah (psykokatt storm) June 05, 2015
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I gave myself a roadie on the way to work this morning.
by Kitcat July 13, 2005
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Someone who carries the equipment for a band, Guitars, stands etc.

In other words they are the bands Lackey, The bands bitch if you will.

Person: lmao...you are such a lackey...
by Andrew-Brannan July 12, 2008
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a person or people you often travel or hang with
Whenever I go to the city, my roadie, Cheron is always wit me.
by ave November 29, 2003
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A alcoholic drink, such as a beer, that you take from your own fridge before you leave for a party and drink on the way as a pre-drink. Or when your leaving the party the drink you take to have when traveling to another party or back home.
"Hey Jim! grab us some roadies before we leave, I wanna be smashed before we get there!"
by ewkerr September 04, 2008
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