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Prior to engaging in coitus with a deceased person, recently or otherwise; the act of inserting an already ignited road flare into any unsuspecting orifice to bring that specific region on the body back up to temperature before performing a hot beef injection on the aforementioned location of the human anatomy.
Klevin, "my hands are shaking so badly I cannot ignite the striker on the road flare".

Josh, "goddamnit, these days i can't get my girlfriend out of the food court at the mall, she's blimped up to the size of Nebraska and the only way I can get any action, besides covering her in flour and nailing one of the forty seven spots that are moist is to road flare dudes straight out of the cemetary...light the damn flare Klevin so I can get it on with this rotting, puytrifying corpse".....

Klevin " just enacted a road flare on a man from the early 1900's"......

Josh: "best action i've encounted since I turned twenty one!!!!!"
by Grande John January 16, 2009
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A sharply-dressed gay man on the side of the road.
As my father and I drove on the street on the way home, he yelled out "Look at that Road Flare!" and pointed to a man in a very nice dress.
by Insanity C December 20, 2011
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