Derived from RNG or Random Number Generator. Typically used in video games due to the luck of a random number generator being represented as a Miracle or Divine intervention and thus the character of RN Jesus is prayed to or thanked for Luck. Most situations where RN Jesus is invoked involve games with Random Criticals like Fire Emblem and Team Fortress 2.
"I have a 1% chance of getting a Critical Hit and RN Jesus blessed me." Then later... "Why RN Jesus, why? I had a 99% chance of hitting that!"
by Voreala March 18, 2016
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Usually associated with video games,
RNJesus is the deity of RNG. (random number generators)

When the outcome of a certain scenario could be determined by a random factor most players can do nothing except pray to RNJesus.
(1) "I was playing Hearthstone and the guy had 3 hp so I prayed to RN jesus and played mad bomber, my prayers were answered and I won"
(2) "I was playing first round T-side running and spamming my glock, RN jesus gave me two headshots"
by Velen March 07, 2016
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