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a school full of preppy, edgy, and gay kids. there is no in between. full of psychotic teachers who talk about shooting horses and teachers who think they're special for giving obnoxious kids the attention they want. pray your teacher doesn't get pregnant, because you will get a sub that doesn't even try to teach. unless it's a science teacher. mrs jones is just as terrible, but she's so sweet and actually cares about your feelings and will let you cry in the supply closet with oreos if needed.
riverwood middle school is the worst school ever.
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by wotintarnation666 March 06, 2017
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a middle school in Johnston county that is full of preppy bitches & kids that claim to standout, but in all reality they are just like everyone around them .. only a little more annoying. a majority of the students here read books about dragons, and talk shit about all their so called friends. you also have a group of purity ring wearing bitches, that say they're true Christians but judge everyone! oh and watch out for those 8th grade English teachers, everyone's pretty sure they're all pedophiles and like to hit on young girl & raise their grade because they are cute.
I met this girl who goes to Riverwood middle school girl at the local pool and that bitch was annoying as fuck... but cute.
by ex-rms123 June 18, 2010
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