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River douche: A person who may or may not live at home with his/her parents, may or may not pay any bills, doesn't have a significant other or children. Spends more money on fishing gear/tackle then he makes.

Fishes his $1200.00 Lamiglass Center pin set up and releases his fish when people are watching, otherwise he is flossing with his ugly stick at the tubes and blowing up small rivers and streams on FB. This "River Douche" also loves to do "how to" videos and tells everyone else in the world how they should fish and/or how they should release them. If you are not running the "River Douche's" favorite, Rod manufacture, Reel Manufacture or Bead Manufactures products, you are much lower than him and you will not catch fish. He and his "posse" do videos, with or without drones, on the rivers and blow great, once unknown, fishing spots up on FB so more "River Douche's" can fish there without putting in the leg work and destroying the fishery with 25 people fishing a 15ft hole.

Also might be a closet homosexual. Probably drives a red truck and is known to be a great dishwasher.
Hey John, did you see that River Douche blow up, said river on FB? He was so proud of that 7lb steelhead that he had to take a photo and not hide the background. He is quite the River Douche.
by Reel Truth October 09, 2019
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