To be proven wrong, in a sense or embarrassment or not; to be so sure that you're right and everyone else is wrong, and it turns out you're wrong.
Person 1: The space landing is a myth.
Person 2: No it's not you dumbass, why do you think they have NASA, a whole organisation dedicated to astronautics.
Person 1: Shut up, it's a fake.
Person 2: *Gives loads of evidence to prove it's real*
Teacher: Yeah, it's real.
Head of NASA: It's not made up, ya' stupid kid.

Person 1:.... Ripped.
by Lloydo March 04, 2007
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The state of having consumed waaaaay too much alcohol
I went to the Klinic last night and got so ripped, I woke up in the morning in a yard on Mills street covered in my own puke.
by Wisconsin alumni September 11, 2003
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When you die from too much exercise and too low body fat
Person 1: Hey did you hear how Brad died?
Person 2: Yeah, he got way too RIPped. Doctor's said he had almost no body fat left but man did he look shredded.
by 885pfl47 November 14, 2017
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