My girlfriend told me she got ring sting the other day after that drink fuelled sex night!
by pallant25 October 06, 2007
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The discomfort caused when one's fecal discharge is too large for the anal sphincter; the experience of one's anal sphincter being painfully stretched by a particularly large fecal discharge.
Man, I shouldn't have eaten 5 pounds of food last night. I just took a dump and had some serious ring sting.
by Alex French November 13, 2003
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the painful burning/scratching/stretching sensation a person feels during poos after such activity's as

eating curry

holding back a poo for a long period of time

eating alot of crisps

eating way too much

drinking heavily the night before

other names for this experience are:
red ring

hot bot
Japanese flagging (a Wight flag with a red circle )
ring of fire
person one : ooo that s**t gave me some ring sting:'(

person 2 * sarcastic* nice

person 1 no honest my arse is like a Japanese flag
by adam.hunter December 09, 2010
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Stinging sensation around the arsehole caused by fingering of the anus or been drybummed.
Si, I got serious ringsting from what you did to my arse last night
by Dan Bates December 19, 2007
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when you take a poop, do an OK job of wiping...walk into a beer cooler and then walk out to an 80 degree day. The dramatic change in the tempeture mixed with the lack of butt whipage causes ring sting.
Man I got some serious ring sting now. It feels like I have been whiping my butt with 80 grit sand paper.
by HITorDIE May 19, 2007
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After A Female/Male has sex doggy style the one that has been fucked up the arse's arse gets hurt and stings, that is why they call it RING sting.
Dude 1#-Oh man i just got fucked up the arse and my arse hurts like shit!
Dude 2#-Huh, you must have ring sting then, your fault for being a fucking gay man.
by Hector3453 December 25, 2007
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