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The best kind of husband there is, because he's so sweet, affectionate, funny, adorable, creative and super lovable even though he makes Anne Frank jokes. He might be slightly retarded but it's okay because it makes him even funnier. He's the kind of guy you would wanna stay up all night talking to, even if he's puking his guts out - because you just love him so much. The ring pop husband is a precious and unique species and if you've found one make sure to never ever let him go!!
- Hey Ida who's your ring pop husband?
- It's Yoey duuhh!
- Nice what flavour did he propose to you with?
- Idk I was too busy looking at his adorable smile and the tard ate it before I got a chance to wear it and taste it myself.
by deadbirb June 09, 2018
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