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Politically correct term for nazis;
Usually, there should not be any politically correct terms for politically uncorrect people, but one may use this term here to refer to such specimens if one wishes to be creative, or if one is standing right next to such a group of people and does not desire to be understood. The use of a slightly cryptic circumscription guarantees in itself that a nazi does not understand it, because his brain capacity does not allow for more than hand-raising (hence the term) or the utterance of sentences with more than two words.
This term is particularly fitting for young nazis in rural areas, who tend to lack the courage to move out of mommy's place before the age of 70 (when they move to a retirement home because mommy is no more). In exchange for home and food, they have to help with chores, such as holding a laundry line in the yard, which their stiff right arms are perfect for.
"Haha, look at this ridiculous right-handed laundry line holder over there!"
by Favorite cousin May 01, 2012
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