She went to ride a white horse, don't wait up.
by Le_ska July 11, 2008
Horse is heroin. Those who ride the white horse are regular users, addicts, otherwise they'd be "chipping." Not to be confused with "ride the pale horse" and "ride the white pony."
At some point every drug user, destitute and desperate, resorts to the cheapest accessible high. When you wonder what appeal heroin has, it is that it fills this niche. It winds up being the last alternative too, because when you ride the white horse, so often you subsequently die.
by LLCisyouandme September 12, 2014
Korean slang meaning to Fuck a white woman
Clayton 'What did you do last night Jeffery?"

Jeffery "I Ride the White Horse"

Clayton "Fo Sho"
by Rollme One Kenobi March 9, 2011
Slang in Korea referring to sex with a white woman
Jihoon: man I would love to ride the white horse.
Kim: me too
by \\\\\mina July 18, 2021
A more polite way of saying you are taking a shit
A wife is calling her husband over the cell phone.
- Hello, darling! Where are you? I've checked the whole house and you're nowhere to be seen.
- Check the bathroom - I'm riding a white horse.
- Why are you so long there?
- I'm having a shy one. Tryin' to pinch one off.
by Murdoc Kylburne February 11, 2018