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A fucking faggot that used to go to Kenmore State High School until i got him expelled. He left school and started a sythe-hate club where he shows his perverted and homosexual friends 'jeff-striker' movies (gay porno) to get them in the mood for what ever he spends the long hours of each and every day doing. Richard Tinsley aka Dr Pain, is good friends with a redneck douche who lives in canada called M.G. (see urban definition for M.G.). Richard Tinsley lives at 8 Church road bellbowrie, he also has third degree burns up his arms because him and his dumb ass friends were playing with 8 litters of petrol in a storm water drain.
Fuck man, if you were any more fucking stupid and gay i'd have to brand you "Richard Tinsley" and ship you to farily land to live with peter turner and nick yates.
by sythe February 12, 2005
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