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Elitist money loving cousins that were fed with a gold spoon and will never admit they are wrong (even though they often are), always act like they have better places to be (with their rich friends), show up late (with a bucket of chicken as an excuse) and leave early (using their children as an excuse) for family events, act like they are better than you (and hope that one day you will act like them. Hope), expect you to drop what you are doing to accommodate them, think that you are jealous of them, hire a nanny to raise their kids (even though they dont need jobs), have mastered the art of “re-gifting” (like giving a cheese knife to someone who does not eat cheese), will never understand the middle or lower class, (or why they aren’t just rich like them) they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows, and never have or ever will have to worry about money because they went to expensive schools and became money hungry lawyers that would rather spend all of their energy verbally bashing their family members than call to say hello.
Alisha and Nena are our "rich cousins," dont worry about what they have to say.

Id rather be a bum under a bridge than a rich cousin.
by Phillip Harvey April 14, 2008
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