A woman who defines herself by the money that she either has inherited or married, and exhibits superiority over women less fortunate. Many of these women live luxurious and safe, but rather boring lives in wealthy 'burbs, like to drive around in expensive, large vehicles, and for those who have children, see themselves as "mothers of the year." These women do not work, and consider themselves to be "sacrificing for their children." These women usually find babysitters so that they can go the mall and/or the gym.
There goes another rich bitch in an S.U.V. on her way to the gym.
by sick 'n tired April 15, 2006
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An extremley rich person, usually seen wearing fur coats and high class suits. They almost always live in huge ass mansions, and drive high-class foreign cars. While some can be complete assholes, others actually share their wealth.
Look at that rich bitch over there in that Mercedes! Damn!
by Lon October 13, 2003
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1. A childish woman who claims virtue by the spoils of someone else's work or accomplishment; most always that of husband or father.
2. The malfeasant offspring of the already corrupt having evolved to a new level of total self-absorption and ignorance.
3. Not to be confused with the ambitious female that comes by great wealth through her own virtue and effort; this is defined as a spinster or lesbian.
"The onlookers cheered as the rich bitch was fatally crushed beneath her Escalade, thinking foolishly that she could change the oil without consulting a member of the working classes."

Common synonyms: Coddletwat, cunt warmer, rich man's burden, hole in the billfold.
by JamesXJL729 October 07, 2006
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Girls (mainly equestrians) who think they can have everything.
Omg, hattie wants chips but has gaffa. She' such a rich bitch.
by Thatgitgirl November 29, 2016
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Some one who is exteremly rich and selfish. A cruel person with a lot of food and a big house. Usually single because they are mean. likes to break peoples hearts.
Sue: Parker is so filthy rich

Ann:yeah he is such a rich bitch
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by zofia7 December 08, 2017
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