A dumbass who buys an import economy car like a Honda Civic, puts useless, garbage looking things on the body (stickers, bright, ugly green paint, neon lights, a 747 wing, etc) as well as the infamous (and extremely gay as fuck) fart can exhaust.

All this is to make the car appear faster, when in reality the owner probably hasn't even touched the engine, or if they have, the performance of the car has only increased slightly, despite what the dumbass ricer usually says. Ricers typically like to go around, revving their fart cans and trying to race Mustangs (who usually don't give them the time of day).

If you're a real man and are driving muscle, do the world proud and embarrass these ricer morons at the drags.
Ricer: Dude I put a 747 wing on the back of my car and a coffee can on the muffler, it's way faster than your gay mousestang

Mustang Driver: My car has 300 horsepower and enough torque to rip your car in half, stock, not to mention it doesn't sound like a dying animal.
by Muscleftw November 11, 2008
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someone who slaps a whole shitload of vinyl stickers on their car thinking it is fast and nice looking when in reality, its just a heap of shit.

that guy sunil's car looks nice with his new rims but with all those vinyl stickers, he is still a ricer.
by Fullah October 20, 2006
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A person who owns a car and claims their car (usually imported) a 1987 Honda CRX with a body kit, has 30k worth of work done, and then proceeds to get laid out by a 1998 Pontiac Grand AM GT with flowmaster mufflers and a cold air intake.

Deluded Individual: "Rickys 1987 CRX is awesome, I heard he has over 30 thousand in the car."

Person two: His body kit snapped when he drove over a 2 inch speed bump. I was riding with him that day. He tried to race this Grand AM with no body kit, so he just knew we would win. Unfortunately within 2 seconds we were 10 car lengths behind! Ricky is a ricer!"
by GrandAMPower98 April 12, 2008
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Ricers are idiots who do up japanese econoboxes in an attempt to make them look and sound fast. They can be seen blasting around the streets in first and second gear mostly because they love everyone to look at them redlining their car (hopefully a young high school girl will see him and think he looks gangsta).

This does not mean people who drive hondas and leave them stock are ricers, and people who have actual fast japanese cars are also ricers but not in the rediculous sense that true rice is.
that ricer seems to have a highly polished tin can on the end of the exhaust system for some reason...
by eat rice August 03, 2003
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A term that every person has a different view on and that nobody can agree on. The basics of the term stay the same, a vehicle that is all show and no go. Body kits, stickers, neon, spoilers, etc. People often wrongfully use the term when someone does have a body kit and exterior mods but does also have the power to back it up. You need to look under the hood to acurately call someone a ricer. Some say that any car with an excessive wing would be a ricer. Well then what about a 1970 Plymouth Superbird from the factory, the wing on that was about 3 feet tall, is the owner of that muscle car a "ricer" because of the wing? The answer is no. It is possible to have a body kit, wheels and have a non-ricer car, it must be done with good taste and not overdone with useless stickers.
You are still a ricer with only an air intake and exhaust on your ride,
by The Judge May 08, 2003
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A term used to describe idiots, predominantly in North America, who take their cheap Japanese import cars, load them with body modifications, a new exhaust, and maybe an air filter, and then think they can win any street race because their car looks sleek.

Keep in mind, that no engine modification or any other type of performance enhancing modification is included in the ricing process.
I hate those stupid, stupid idiots who rice their little Honda Civics up and then think they can smoke anyone. They all stink and have poor math skills.
by I hate Ricers. May 03, 2003
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a teen, or young adult who often add these modifications to a front wheel drive Japanese car, often a Honda: a loud coffee can muffler, which makes you temporarily deaf, fake chrome rims from wal-mart/auto zone, a ridiculous body kit, not painted, add a 35 degree spoiler, and install a sound system blaring rap that sounds like a swarm of bee's..
You are in a Z28 just cruising around when you become deaf by a ricer... when he stages up to you, you can see his cockiness and his stupid honda (most of the time.) You show him what true american muscle is, and he miss shifts and blows his engine... its going to a better life anyways

by Drag Dragon1 March 09, 2008
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