Any vehicle whether its import, domestic, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, or even 8 cylinder that has been raped by excessive use of stickers, "shopping cart" rear spoilers, fart cannons, bmw "fish gills", useless hood scoops, and/or clear/Altezza tailights. The term has nothing to do with the amount of horsepower the vehicle has, but the amount of garbage the person puts on the exterior of the car.
One time I saw this Mustang GT ricer that had a fish gills and a "Powered by Mustang" sticker on the back window, even though it should have read "Powered by Ford"
by Mikey August 19, 2003
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A Ricer:
A ricer is the person who drives a stock car, with extras that if anything slow the car down and make it less aerodynamic. (body kit, spoilers you name it) Yet it looks 'Sick/phat' - So its cool!!! - buts its slow.

How to identify a ricer driver: The typical driver of a riced up car, can be identified by the secondary monster tacho mounted where everyone can see it.

This is because the dick hanging from their forehead interferes with the perfectly good, stock tacho mounted conveiently in the dash cluter. And for those who dont know; the shift light is because they cant use their periferal vision.

They are incapable of reading the tacho and looking where they are going at once. They need a warning light (shift light) to tell them, their stock lancer engine, is about to explode and its time to change gears. Thank god for the monster tacho!

I think that sums it up...
by Ibsn87 November 06, 2005
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One of no comon sense in the performance of automobiles. Thriving on mere stupidity, these comon motorists think by simply slapping on a huge annoying muffler, a misplaced cold air intake, adds in a few computer chips and slaps on an unpainted body kit, that thier once upon a time 'daily driver' has gone from a driver to a racer. In their subconcious mind the individual knows the actual limitations of their vehical, but due to the overwhelming cockiness that seems to gradually take over any modified 4 cylinder owner, their bragging and shere idiocy gets the best of them as they slip into an imaginary state of invincibility. This mindframe gives them the 'courage' to race almost anything, lose, and still come back claiming their automobile is better and somehow happens to be superior to their winning opponents.
Simply stated the word 'Ricer' is a noun often used to replace more commonly used words such as 'moron', 'retard', 'dumbass', and 'god damn honda driver'.

Common signs of recognition associated with the word 'Ricer' are as follows:
- Annoyingly loud mufflers
- Unpainted body panels
- Stupid tail lights
- Pointless body kits
- Huge un-necessary wings
- Crooked license plates
- Mesh grills
- Taco Bell
Passing by the Camaro was sighted a small lowered, annoyingly loud, eurolighted blue and white honda civic. Inevitably racing and losing, the little ricer managed to regain his pride by forgetting the incident even occured.
by ShowStopper540 June 25, 2006
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Someone who buys for looks for their car rather than for performance.
Person 1: Hey look at that pimped out car!
Person 2: It's a ricer. Theres nothing under the hood.
Person 1: But look at the paint job, body kit, and spoiler!
Person 2: Exactly.
by pencil racer September 18, 2008
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dumbshits who spend money on so-called performance parts for their shitty econo-box such as:

a snow plow for a front body kit

a park bench for a rear spoiler

decals of various brands (real track drivers have em because of sponsorship deals)

ugly paint jobs on both the outside and inside

retarded altezza taillights

a muffler whose displacement is bigger than that of the engine itself AKA a fart can
ricers cars often have less than 40 lb/ft of torque because their fart can exhausts eliminates virtually ALL back pressure.
by maddah fuggah January 20, 2010
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1) A ricer is ANY car that looks like it can fly because of its ridiculously huge, 6 foot long spoiler. A ricer is also ANY car that is modded out very excessively, which almost always results in, making the car look like a piece of crap. A ricer may look "cool" or "fast" but in reality, a ricer will go from 0 to 60 in 12 seconds, emphasizing the driver's ego, which also is equal to his car's spoiler in size, of thinking that his car is "fast". A ricer occasionally may have air intakes in order to cool the engine down, just in case the car reaches the speed of 35 mph.
A honda civic with a huge spoiler that causes the back of the car to sink about 3 inches, and a muffler tip that is so huge that you can fist fuck it if you wanted to. Also it may have many stickers of famous car modification companies, such as BBS or Sparco, which in reality the car itself has no products that were produced by these companies, and in fact has some bootleg cheap plastic parts from chinatown that cost $34.50 in total. These cars can be considered to be ricers, and any person that sees these ricers should scream "RICER!" as they drive by.
NOTE: Ricers cannot be determined by looks, for some cars that look like ricers actually have the performance to back up its physical appearance. And these cars are not considered to be ricers.
by uranmfer329 March 05, 2005
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a new mainstream concept that is over taking children today, usually a import car (ex. honda, acura) that will add parts or modifications that have no affect on performance, in fact most ricer aftermarket parts will hurt performance. (EX 3" exhaust on a 110hp civic)
a perfect example of a ricer can be found here: WWW.TEAMYAKU.NET
Is someone mowing there lawn at 11pm?
no its just the ricer down the street driving his civic.
oh. why does it sound like that?
because he belongs to a ricers club called team yaku and wants the whole world to know it.
by billy b bobby November 03, 2007
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