1. Anyone who thinks they know shit about cars but are usually wrong and make an ass out of themselves.
2. People who exagerate what their car is capeable of or claim it has beaten cars that it has no way in hell of beating.
3. Someone who thinks 39.99 Candian Tire add-on parts are "cool".
1a. Yeah, my golf redlines at 8700rmp!
1b. Honda's don't need their brakes bled! They have special system! - ricer
Get the fuck outta my garage! - me
2. Yeah so I beat a G35 off the line then I killed a RX8! - this guy owned a 1.5 Civic. BONE STOCK 1.5 Civic!
3. Dude check out that $40 neon light bar they got at Canadian Tire! I need that!
by Mr. Mopar December 10, 2006
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1. An immature driver (who usually drives import cars, but have been known to drive dodge neons and ford contours as well), who "tricks out" their car with mostly useless modifications like a 6 inch exhaust, and an unreasonably large spoiler.

2. Any car with any combination of these mods. an unnecessarily large exhaust, unreasonable large spoiler, lambo doors, stickers to products they didn't actually purchase, big rims, body kits to make the car appear lower.

3. Spmeone who always drives around like their car's the "best mothafuckin car on da planet," and talk like they'll race and beat anybody, but when actually challenged to a race, back down and make excuses.

Sometimes they will actually race, and almost always get their ass kicked. Then after the race, they will either drive off upset and act like there was some great injustice delt to him, or just make lame excuses like "i would have won if my VTEC was working"

4. Stupid kid who's seen "the fast and the furious" way too many times
I beat this ricer badly, and then he told me that his headers weren't heading right, and his engine computer has a virus. What a tool.

I saw a badly riced out honda the other day with a spoiler the size of my kitchen table.
by Jason Be January 07, 2008
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Modifying a car that is not normally considered a sports car. Civic, sable, focus....etc.

Quickly identified by multiple stickers (Looks like a NOPI catalog), wings that are at risk of catching power lines, Monstor tach for a stock vehicle, loud exhaust installed on automatic.

Also see - Ricer fly by
That is not a sports car, damn ricers!
by James October 20, 2003
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An individual that takes an OK car (not limited to imports) and turns it into complete crap. Usually adding on things such as huge, loud ass mufflers, NASA type spoilers and a collage of stickers that don’t really mean shit. Also, there have been sightings of FALSE front mount intercoolers. Upon first site of one of these rice rockets, the onlooker (if not a ricer) usually gets a disgusted look on their face. (Like when watching parts of FEAR FACTOR) And many cuss words also come to mind.
If you ever see a car with a muffler that has a larger diameter than its rims, it definitely is a ricer
by Don Weezy July 12, 2006
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Deemed Noisy Morons With Noisy Cars Society by the Association of People Who Don’t Care What Letters in Acronyms Stand For
by Jesus September 17, 2003
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People who put huge wings on front wheel drive cars, huge body kits, terrible graphics, huge loud exhaust that sounds like a weedwhacker or go-kart or bees nest. ricers are people who think their car is fast when it really isnt. not all imports are rice, there is lots of domestic rice too.
that ricer thinks his civic will beat my 900 HP mustang
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
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1. Stickers that give it "extra hp"
2. Wing
3. Fart Tip
4. Front Body Kit
5. Owner says Nos (Noz)
6. Just Plain Stupid Car
7. Thinks It's Fast but really it is not
Hey, is that a shopping cart I see in the distance. No it's a ricer with a huge wing!
by Z28 and z24 October 21, 2003
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