Young punks that dress themselves, and their cars, for 9 second runs down the quarter mile when in reality they can't break out of the 17's!
Look at that ricer driving around in his honda civic with a performance muffler.
by Sy October 12, 2003
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1: N A poorly upgraded car with a tacky exterior (fart cannons), 2' wing, unpainted/poorly designed groud effects, seizure-inducing strobe lights and LEDs).
2. N: Any person who talks up their car without having anything to back it up. Although there are a FEW domstic-driving ricers, the term usually implies a person (of any race) who drives a 4 or 6 cylinder car and tries to make everyone think it is fast.
3. See also MORON
I was f*cking with that ricer sitting at the halfway point on my gas-pedal and staying by him, and when I actually stepped on it he called me a cheater and said I juiced him. LOL what a fucktard!
by frieze August 12, 2003
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Car which has exhaust modifications to make it sound like a fart-fog horn but still has 115 HP and goes 0-60 in 13.2 seconds.
Breeeeeeee. There goes that Integra ricer.
by pony trekker December 17, 2003
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A car driven by a person who has modified every aspect of the car except the engine. A ricer might have more exhaust decibels than horsepower. A ricer might have a car that
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RICER, N; Any import car with any of the following items: large exhaust pipe (known as a fart tube), large fiberglass rear wing (known as a park bench), aftermarket tail-lights, fiberglass body kit that is a different color from the rest of the car, plastic spinner rims, many racing decals and or stickers, and neon lights. Ricers tend to rev up their engines so that they sound cool when passing crowds of people. They use terms such as "VTEC" and "NOS." They also exaggerate their cars horsepower.
1. "Yo man, I'm running 2000 lbs of boost. You can't touch my ricer honda dawg."

2. "Dude, once the VTEC kicks in, its all over." -ricer

3. "When we raced you called me a cheater, couldn't hang with the 1.6L" -ricer
by American Power September 04, 2006
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A person with a car(usually a Honda)who has spent more on visual modifications than they pay in apartment rent each year. They are usually aged between 18-30. They belive they are hot shit untill ask to race them, then they chicken out because they only have a stock 1.6L inline four engine.
See that ricer over there with the Civic? I'll bet he has a small penis.
by Alex February 08, 2004
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