Two types of ricers in my opinion:

Type A: Known as tuners to some, people who buy a inexpensive import, then spend money on it for performance upgrades, later getting it visual upgrades

Type B: The failures at life, these people are classed ONLY as ricers, as they only add shitty visual upgrades, thinking they can own a McLaren F1 in a race.

My suggestion to any teen: Get an old RWD(Rear Wheel Drive) car, upgrade the fucking performance, then get it a spoiler that doesn't look like a boat rudder, and get it some N2O. Hell, don't even upgrade it visually (unless you have the $$$ for it), and have a sleeper hit car.
Ricer (has a Type B'd Civiv): Ima pwn you mutha fucka
Tuner (Has a '99 Mustang GT, looks a bit beat up):Okay
Ricer: You too you gay ass F1 racer
F1 Racer (Has a McLaren F1): Fine, PUNK!
Ricer: Fuck u!
Final Placing:
F1 Racer: 1st
Ricer:3rd by fourteen minutes (engine overheated)
Ricer: U FUKING CHEATER *wanks to goatse*
by Stoner with a boner August 23, 2004
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(1)An individual who attempts to alter a slow, economic car by origin with the intent of acquiring extra speed mainly through HP/Torque fluctuations. The individual is under the false impression their car is fast when it is merely "faster" and is completely cliche.

(2) An individual, who may own a fast car or car with a little extra performance value than typical economic cars(i.e. SRT-4s, EVOs, WRXs etc) who perpetuates the same actions of other ricers(winning a race then hitting their hazards, cutting people off when "racing", entering the emergency lane to pass people, using highbeams as a threat, pulling the e-brake to attempt a "drift", peeling out their vehicle to "show-off", "
grilling" or doing a "threatening" stare while driving against or racing, applying more ricer-like modifications(stickers, bigger exhaust), etc.)

(3) An individual who's core knowledge of cars is through mainstream sources yet is under the impression he is proficient with vehicles, especially imports(Hondas, Nissans, etc). This includes Gran Turismo/Need for Speed "video-game" lingo like: Stage 4 clutch, Cold Air Intake(when it's not cold air), computer chip(when it's ECU), motor swaps(when it's unnecessary half the time), dropping the tranny(extremely dangerous in an automatic), etc.

(4) Someone else who calls a person a ricer when they in fact are one also...better known as hypocrites.
(1a) That neighborhood kid at Discount Auto/Pep Boys/Autozone who's entire accessory line for their car is based upon.
(1b) The kid in high school who has the civic with 3 different colors(primer, body kits), huge spoiler, gauges, extinguisher and neons yet their car runs the 1/4 mile at about 16+ seconds.

(2) That same kid above, who's parents now purchased him an SRT-4, cannot control the difference in power and ultimately crashes the car.

(3) Possibly the same kid, who constantly goes throughout the internet looking for JDM parts, purchases and reads Import Tuner as his core source of knowledge, expresses anything new he learned while reading descriptions in Forza or Gran Turismo 4 and sounds like a broken record if he tries to assess any real problems in his friends car.

(4) Probably you, reading this now! Go buy a real car(i.e. Corvette, Mazda RX-7, Camaro, Mustang, Supra) and don't make it "All show, no Go!" ;)
by rx787 August 27, 2005
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looks fast but goes slow

shouldn't get that old ass civic . . you'll be a ricer . . get a wordcrotch rocket/word and smoke everyone on the road instead . .
by TurboCorvette April 04, 2003
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The antithesis of a genuine muscle car:

A ricer:
- Has a tiny-ass four banger engine. 2.4 liters already qualify as TEH HUEG.
- Has an exhaust that makes the engine sound like it runs on farts instead of gasoline.
- Needs incredible amounts of superfluous bullshit to look remotely cool, which includes poorly manufactured body kits, rear wings that don't provide any actual downforce (or are incorrectly tuned), shit paintjob, and brand decals where only 50% of the brands displayed are actually installed.
- Usually has pretentious clear taillights.
- Has inner workings so delicate they cost a fortune to mantain.
- Has sissy, curvy looks that in the best cases look like a lame rip-off of an European supercar. Emphasis on "best cases".
- Is driven by a person who thinks his shit car is on par with real Detroit muscle.

A muscle car:
- Has a humongous V8 engine. Even 5 liters qualify as small.
- Has an exhaust that makes the engine growl like an angry dragon.
- Only needs a rear wing, a slotted hood, and maybe a little paint job to look cool.
- Does fine with stock taillights.
- Can be fixed by your mom.
- Has manly, angular looks that are actually authentic.
- Is driven by a person who knows he's driving the real shit.
A ricer? You mean, the Corolla from that boy who ended up giving me his college loan? Here, let me show you. See all these tally marks? I have one for each ricer kid my Dodge Challenger has beaten.
by Da_Nuke January 08, 2009
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What you find a LOT of in a Military base.

Our soldiers may win in combat but lose in street racing as much as the Iraqi Insurgents do when they're in combat.
See Ricerland.

Everywhere you look in a Military base, you see Ricers.
by Java October 16, 2004
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any mexican that drives a civic
Person A: look at that civic!
person B: is he mexican?
person a: yeah and look at his SPOILER!? WTF?
person B:what a ricer!!..and a spick!
by afkhahaha January 13, 2010
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