adjective. Melancholic frustration or sadness associated with the apparent helplessness and inescapability of repetitive or redundant tasks.
"Man, I've been feeling pretty rhubarb about school lately."

"Did you hear Bill got a new job as the guy who puts erasers on pencils?" "Yeah, I hear he's been pretty rhubarb about the whole thing."
by smileyface April 09, 2008
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To be extremely hardcore. Or something that is very intense.
Hey man, this metal band is sooooo rhubarb!!

Dude, that ride was freaking rhubarb!
by Mike littoris October 22, 2008
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a place for random questions, amusing links, relationship woes, excellent cartoons, late night shenanigans and the worlds most pointless sticky.
i was posting in rhubarb yesterday and catters locked my thread :(
by draconic August 29, 2007
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A Gay bitch who is very popular and definetly diddnt write this myself
Girl:is your name Rhubarb? you are very cool.
by thot gurl January 31, 2020
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