A word to express hype (excitement). Or the sound a car makes when you rev it.
by Anonster69 February 02, 2017
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A word to describe a girl that you would like to have sex with or in other words "tap". Or a girl which is really hot with a smoking body.
dude i would tap that rev

that rev is hot

dude look, rev
by REV MASTER June 17, 2011
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A graffiti artist in Pennsylvania that writes political messages and imagery.
"I saw some of Rev's work in the paper today."
by P. Frampton April 18, 2006
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REV stands for Robotic Emo Vagina, which is pretty self explanitory of what it is.
by Ashbag February 03, 2008
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Quarterback from Remember The Titans who scores game winning touchdown in the state championship game even though he is hurt.
Player: I cant play coach, I broke my leg.

Coach: The Rev from Remember The Titans played hurt and won them the fucking game. GET IN THERE PUSSY!!!
by Cho Con Mia Wang May 23, 2010
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Acronym, from the Latin: rideo ex vehementer.
Literally "i laugh out violently", used as a supplement for "lol", the common txt phrase expressing either mirth or the lack of knowing what to say next.
rev, that joke is funny
by joe "derren" C May 27, 2007
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Dork: I'm going to see A7X!
Cool Dude: Pfffft! I'm going to see The Rev mothertrucker!
by Galileo Humpkins January 27, 2008
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