Peer pressure from viewers of a content creator
Hey you know (Content Creator) he should totally do a face reveal
by Woooodpecker May 20, 2021
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What dream did in YouTube rewind 2020 mr beast addition
Dream viewer: did you see mr beast rewind
Another dream viewer: yeah dream did a neck-reveal
by Breme January 5, 2021
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When the camera flash penetrates clothing during nighttime shots and causes transparency.

A.K.A: X-ray Vision
Dude, did you just see that flash reveal ?!

Wow, I just saw a Flash Reveal in some old photos of my co-workers!
by Captain Teegan September 11, 2009
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when a voluptuous woman's breasteses are leaking out of what is supposed to be her bra but it too small to hold the things in.
"Yo, Matthew, glance at those huge tiggs revealed."
by gbboi101 April 16, 2009
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The moment you finally see a new lovers pussy or cock for the first time.
My anticipation and excitement was over the top when I realized she was as ready as I was for the Great Reveal, as she slowly pulled down her panties.
by TallandThick April 23, 2016
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When either facing a large audience or your significant other, one unzips his trousers and uncoils his 'hog', while uttering the phrase (in the most perverted voice)..."You like?"
"At each chance possible, the gang usually performed The Grand Reveal...typically trying to out do the other's portrayal of 'You liiiiiiiiike"
by Hogsmen November 26, 2013
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The alternative way of describing Janet Jackson and Justin Timerlake's Superbowl 2004 antics. See also "wardrobe malfunction." Costume reveal is perhaps more honest given that it was clear they intended the "reveal," but "wardrobe malfunction" is more fun to use (e.g., "My date last night was terrible - I think he had a wardrobe malfunction").
When Jason was jumping on the trampoline, he wasn't wearing anything other than a speedo, and his business was completely showing. Talk about a costume reveal!
by DJ Glenn November 13, 2004
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