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1. n. Used to personally insult certain people who have a misshaped face similar to any sort of mentally retarded person.

2. n. Used to insult one's intelligence.
1: "Dude! You have a fucked up retardo face!"

2: "The answer is not 64, it's 23, retardo face!"
by Foxhunt February 10, 2006
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When during the act of sex, one person is observed making a bizarre facial expression or expressions that make them appear to be mentally incapacitated, or at best, just looks silly.
Guy #1: So you hooked up with that girl last week? How is she in the sack?
Guy #2: Everything was good until she suddenly had this totally weird look on her face that stopped me cold/made me laugh
Guy #1: So she's got Retard O-Face?
Guy #2: Yep.
by J.Noble October 02, 2016
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