1. Something that is messed up
2. An insult
3. Something that's stupid
1. *looks at poster that's falling off wall* That poster's retarded
2. OMG your face is so retarded
3. Homework is so retarded
by Livvyxoxo April 27, 2014
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The idiotic belief that some lives are worth less, mean less, learn less, comprehend less.
Jim is Retarded. He think's that guy with learning disabillities is retarded.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015
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Something or someone that is considered slow. This can be slow-minded or slow-moving. It is also something that is used as a slang term when describing a person or a thing that is considered silly or foolish.
My teacher told me that I need to do my homework on Saturday night, that is so retarded!

Michael is handicapped and it makes him a little slow, but if you call him retarded he'll run after you with a giant stick and make you take it back!
by CutiefromKilleen December 17, 2007
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A word only used by 10 year old who don't even know the actual definition of the word, yet only do they realize every time they use that word they're making themselves look retarded.
Fuck off , you're so retarded.
by youfuckingcunttbh April 15, 2017
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Somone mentally challenged, brain does not function normally, takes a while to answer questions, is extremely guillable
1. Tom Cruise is retarded enough to beleive in scientology
2. Lukes retardedness crept out and hit me
3. That person is so retarded it took him a minute to tell me the time
by Will Kelly May 20, 2007
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1. 4/5 of the dumbasses creating "definitions" of this word.

2. slang word for "silly, funny, stupid, etc"

3. an term disliked by politically correct people, such as your parents maybe.

4. people with lack of common sense, imagination, sense of humor, or whatever that pisses you off about them when socializing with others.

5. anyone who has read definitions 1 through 4 and "still doesn't\don't get it."
I no hi ain't collin' mi returded, ryght?

Kim laughed, "i swear, ya'll be actin' retarded sometimes!"

Boy: "hey mommy look, it's that retarded kid again!"
mom: "honey, don't call him that. say he's "mentally challenged" okay?"

"I hate that guy, eh. he's fucking retarded, eh!"

"i'm sorry, you're just too retarded for me to help you any further."
by Lord Jimarou February 09, 2009
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