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retarded basketball is just like basketball but it's been improvised with some retarded ass rules. Here's how it goes. To check the ball you have to go into a squatting position and twerk while checking the ball. When you have possession of the ball, you do not run with it normally as you do in basketball. You run with your knees high, and your knees must be going to your left or your right only, NOT forward. When you dribble the ball, it can't touch the floor. You must hold the ball in one hang while you use your other hand to bang it like a set of bongo drums. To get points is just like basketball, except it doesn't have to go through the hoop. It just has to touch the net. But you can only throw the ball to the net in one way, over your head to your companion. When it makes contact with the net you do the mc hammer dance while going like "boom Shaka laka, boom Shaka laka".You pass the ball normally as you do in basketball and but you have to scream out to your teammate "PISS!!!". You block your opponent by flapping your arms like a bird and jumping up and down. When you get fouled, you lay down on the floor while everyone on your opponent's team does Gangnam style over you while singing the main verse of "The Fox " by Ylvis. Then they get points on a scale of 1-10 based on their performance. Remember 1 touch to the net is 1 point, from a 3 pointer it's 3 points. And the team at the end with the most points wins and does a victory dance.So there's the game, and it's rules.
Yo wanna play some retarded basketball later bro?
by Retardedbasketballcr38tor December 26, 2013
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