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These occur when people are too stupid to know how to make quotes on their keyboard correctly, using `` (the symbol to the left of the 1 on your keyboard) instead of ". Not to be confused with retard apostrophes, which is when people use ` instead of '. Both are very annoying because the correct quotes/apostrophe key can be easily found next to the fucking Enter key.
Why can't Jordan figure out how to type quotes properly instead of using retard quotes?
by Chernorizets Hrabr September 25, 2004
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In opposition to the previous defition, retard quotes are, if anything, those next to the enter key on a standard keyboard. That is not a proper quotation mark, it is the symbol for inches. Because space on a keyboard is limited, this symbol is doubled-up, to also be used as a quotation mark, creating the so-called "straight quotes."

The use of the back-tick (`) to indicate opening quotes and the single tick (or foot mark, ') to indicate closing quotes has been standard in word processing and digital typesetting for decades. Perhaps this usage is pedantic and annoying to some--especially those that like 2 talk w/ few leters--but this hardly makes it retarded.
So I said to her ``you said `no, I don't care about your ``retard quotes,''''' and she hit you for being a pedantic jackass? Quelle ignorante!
by BasicGrammar May 22, 2006
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