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A place that's full of snakes and teachers who need some mental help. You see kindergarteners walking around the high school building and you are forced to ride buses with them if you can't afford a car. You've never wanted to beat a 6 year old so badly before you came here. And there's no hot guys! And the girls are all some fake thots even to there so called "friends".
Chick: What school do you goto?
Dude: Renaissance academy.
Chick: I've never heard of it...... is it a special school or something? Are you retarded?
by Satans side hoe March 29, 2017
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a school that can't afford paper, but can afford tortillas to throw as frisbees for spanish month. theres legit no hot guys, but theres fuckboys everywhere you look. all the girls are mostly white bitches who stab their friends in the back and who think they have big asses, but their flatter than their back. also contains mental cases
Girl 1: Ugh shes such a bitch and hes such a fuckboy! im so glad i dont go to school with them
Girl 2:They probs go to renaissance academy
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by hes a fuckboi September 15, 2017
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Renaissance academy, In phoenixville Pennsylvania was founded in 1999. Though it is in phoenixville a majority of students are from norristown so it is normal to find weave on the floor daily. The students are either just rude or annoying. Let’s get into the rude people (usually from norristown) they’ll tell u to ur face they don’t like u and embarrass you in front of your whole class or in ur in their way they’ll push u instead of saying “excuse me”. Now let’s get into the annoying people, usually from spring ford or another town. They will chew their gum in the most obnoxious way and they’ll act like their the cutest thing in the world. They’re the type to bully people. They’re also the teachers pet and act like a 2nd teacher.

Renaissance claims they didn’t have enough money to buy paper. PAPER. if ur gonna be a school then u should have paper. They use their money on pointless things like t shirts. But it doesn’t stop there the teachers are bad too. They’ll bore you to death and once u get to do something fun they’ll ruin it like they’ll only tell YOU you have to work by yourself. They definitely have favorites but let’s not get into that. WE also get no new students because no one wants to come here. Since 2013 we got about 5 new students in the grade. 5. That’s not enough considering the people are so annoying and we wanna make new friends.

All in all If u are trying to decide if u wanna go to renaissance. THE ANSWER IS NO.
“I go to renaissance academy
Ew u do what’s it like”
“An awful school. “
“What else?”
“I’ve said too much •_•”
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The worst school you could possibly go to. The high school section is mostly potheads and retards. Maximum of 5 genuine people in the entire school, including teachers. Nobody gives a fuck about you, and they will gladly let you know it. The dean of students is a pain in the ass, as well as the high school principal. You get written up for using headphones, suspended for shit you didn’t even do, and expelled for a hypothetical conversation. If you do manage to make a genuine friend, they’ll be at a different school the next year by their own choice. 75% of the school lives in Norristown, so unless you live there, good luck hanging out with anyone outside of school because the only people who go to RA within a 10 mile radius of you are kindergarteners. On the not so rare occasion that a fight breaks out, somebody is going to the ER. Kids threatening to shoot up the school with lego guns.

1: yo where you go to school
2: renaissance academy
1: oh shit... sorry for your loss
by Doesn’t_matter July 11, 2019
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