religion is a blessing,
its the reason i am alive,
the reason i even try,
the reason i want to be good,

but religion is also a curse,
once someone knows ur religious they think diffrently about you,
steriotipicalise you,
use it against you,

just remember,
religionis not something to be ashaimed of,
its something that should be shared,
be who you are.
person 1: i'm part of a religion
person 2: ur gonna go to hell
person 1: thats rude
person 2: its not its the truth
by urfwiendLiL June 05, 2021
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a gay person : but i didnt choose to be gay

a homophobic religious person : but my religion says so
by gay!as!hell March 02, 2021
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Hope that will help you in life, but won't save you from life threatening situations with the best it can do being making you lucky to survive.
religion helped me in hoping that I never get in a fight with a crazy man with a gun. But when the time came, I survived after he missed a close shot and ran out of ammo
by ( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。) June 10, 2021
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Type of belief; characterized system of faith. Millions of religions have been created, with Christianity; Islam; and Judaism being at the most known types although there are still others.
He believes in a religion; he's religious!
by loverb0yy April 14, 2021
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A way more complex way of saying "I'm scared that my existance is void of reason and I fear accepting death".
Fear of being responsible of once actions, blaming and entrusting all their life to an Idol/ Deity.
Person A: "I wonder what will happen when we die, man."
Person B: "Well, my Religion says that I will reincarnate/ be by Gods side"
by 404eR November 05, 2020
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