politician:i can exploit that
if you dont vote for me you are anti semetic
by thechas3 November 30, 2020
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Something that stupid atheists keep bitching about. They say it has killed more people than anything else but when you mention communism and fascism (which were historically proven to be satheist ideologies!) killed over 100 million people in the 20th century alone which is more than what christianity and islam have done combined, they stop talking ot copme up with lame excuses.
Stupid Atheist: religion is evil! it kills people!

Smart religious guy: what about communism? it killed way more than religion.

Stupid atheist" (silence)
by Abeman February 05, 2008
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One of the easiest ways to get people angry at each other quick.
Person A: Hello good neighbor. You look like a cool guy. My name's John.
Person B: Howdy. My name's Mark. I'm a very spiritual person, and I want you to know the grace of thy lord. Have you been saved by Jesus?
Person A: No, I'm an atheist.
by TheEnlightenedOne15 October 11, 2018
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An organized group of typically many people who share similar beliefs and in most cases believe in one or more gods or deities. Many religions have symbols and sacred histories as well as narratives intended to explain the meaning or origin of life and teach values and principles. There have been many religions over the course of history, some helpful and some destructive. Religion is often blamed for causing most of the world's problems, however the blame should be placed on the persons and/or nations that caused them and not the religion they belonged to. Conflict would exist with our without religion, however many easily-offended atheists would have you believe otherwise.
Many people belong to a religion.

Catholicism is a very old religion that has been around for many years.
by MERASMUS!! September 29, 2014
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The organized practice of believing in a spiritual being, moral values, and/or a certain way of life by different cultural groups or people. religion may also give people a more devised meaning of life. Certain religions may have a way of living due to their religious past and/or cultural reference(wearing certain clothes, eating certain foods, certain ways of doing things or worshipping etc.). Religion MAY also contain mythology. Religious places to worship often contain: churches, temples, mosques, and monasteries.
by Tipsy Reactions April 14, 2013
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Depending who you talk to, a root of a great deal of evil or a great deal of good. Often seen as "the biggest unnatural cause of death in history" though more often than not is only used as an excuse for wars that are actually about other things - such as resources, territory, or pre-existing ethnic differences or political grievances.. unfortunately the majority are judged by the fact that the minority that twist it for their own purposes happen to be in positions of power. A definition would be a set of beliefs and/or practices that a follower of the religion adheres to, and sees as "truths". Common to most religions is the "Golden Rule" - do to others what you'd have done to yourself - unfortunately, not many "religious" people practice it
Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, Iraq, the majority of conflicts since the Crusades - Wars perceived as being for "religious" reasons when the truth is very different, the two sides just happen to be of different religions.

The Crusades - wars fought misguidedly for "Religious" reasons.
by Ed1986 January 12, 2006
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An organized set of spiritual beliefs for the purpose of gaining knowledge about the ultimate nature of reality. It serves as a constant source of purpose and comfort for countless millions of people. It is often incorrectly blamed for every evil in human history. Religion is not, and never was the source of these evils. It is our own corrupt and violent nature as human beings that cause evil. This coupled with strong socio-economic forces have made history quite violent, however it has all been in spite of religion not because of it.
The claims of religious text do not even need to be true for religion to have social utility.
by Keys7854 July 27, 2010
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