An example of orangized theft and genocide.
Are you going to join the Mafia?

No, I'm gonna become a Catholic.
by nighthawk January 14, 2005
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Very large (usually popular) cults.
"'Stupid religions'she said, as she masterbated to the bible."
by DieJebusDie August 19, 2003
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religion is the opium of the masses

-Karl Marx

I'm not a communist but religion is stupid . It is there to explain what cannot be explained, (until now), science trumps religion in every count. How can your faith be any more correct that one of any of the other hundreds of
religions in the world?
religion is stupid because it is based on faith
by Jake March 31, 2004
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The manmade rules and biggest misconspetion known to man.
All of the core religions are based on the same thing! peace, compassion, truth. yet we start wars for religion. "thou shalt not kill" probley something mister high and mighty president would know if He had read the bible...or read period..
Fuck the American Jihadd. this is not war of campassion..there is no god in war.
"I have no where to turn, religion is all I have left"

"Fuck the American Jihadd. this is not war of campassion..there is no god in war."
by Icarus_of_deus March 22, 2006
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A con that has lasted an eon of time. Which proves still how uneducated and primitive the human race is. Religion itself is evil being the cause of so much blood shed throughout the years.

Religion itself was created by a paraniod soul who found away to strike fear into the hearts of people by creating a fictional character called 'God' and claimed he was 'Real' the uneducated mass of people did believe this and have done for some time now.

Religion in reality is just a way to bully people around, lay down a set of rules to keep them in line, and have them punished with fear of going to 'hell' if they do wrong.

Something for confused lost people to follow to take the sting of a lonely, pathectic sop story of a life that death will eventually claim and whom no will care.

Something some people use as an excuse to dominate another country. I.E. Muslim man says Christmas tree offends my faith. Tells the British left wing Labour Government. Blair bends over backwards to make sure these forgein slimes get what they want and doesn't give to fucks about his own people.
Hey man I've just coverted my Religion to Islam, they gave me this piece of crap dress, told me to grow a beard, gave my signed copy of the Quoran and a pic n' mix of Semtex and C4.
by Jamie the Atheist February 07, 2006
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The most popular type of organization on the face of the planet. And a force of extreme orientation. Motivator of history and mover of the masses. All religions are based on very similar doctirines (usually founding morals that are fun to argue about) and a theory of why we are here and who created us. Unfourtunately religion is such a strong force of orientation and deals in so many ultimates (gods unquestioned will, good and evil,life after death) that it can cause people to become unquestioning of their own beliefs. Which can be very destructive (see Ellie Weisels Preface in "Night" for a profound acount of what happens when people dont ask questions). Religion, although capable of many wonderfull things with its sense of community and task, can become very destructive when it becomes simply "about itself". Especially when people become polarized by religous/ social/ political trends. Religion can be a great thing if wielded with an inteligent and questioning outlook, and not one that only seeks comfort. Those who critisize religion should ask themselves if their own objections to religion (although justified) haven't become just as militant as the beliefs they oppose.

Also, Jehovas witnesses are way to excited about an apocalypse.
Religion.......see also a good reason to have a fund raiser, kill someone, mutilate the genitals, be compassionate.
by Po Ivey August 11, 2006
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1. An explanation of the things we don't understand.
2. A reason to exist. There is no reason for us being here, so we have created our own. God.
3. A controlling agent. Kids be good, or santa won't give you presents. Its the same thing. People behave, or you'll go to hell!
4. Fear of death. Everything suggests that death is the end. Its ludicrous to suppose there is some sort of spiritual afterlife. We all know we will die eventually; and we don't like it. So we deny it..fabricating a fantastic fairytale to convince ourselves that there is no such thing as death. Well its a load of bollocks - remember the Romans worshipped every new planet they saw...the Egyptians worshipped the sun..for as long as man has been around, so has his need to worship something. Its an expression of our insecurity and it will last as long as fear itself
You can't insure your life on a figament of man's collective imagination. Remember once, we all believe the earth was flat, and mental problems were the work of demons
by Chris December 13, 2003
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