A distant relation, like a cousin-in-law.
"Do you know Jane?"
"Not very well, she's an elbow relation to me"
by RubberDucky451 April 19, 2010
The stand of Mr. Ramsey.
It can stop time and make 1 hour feel like 4 years.
Ramsey: Time for related... ZA WARUDO!!
by FuckieWukie September 25, 2019
Relationships with the opposite sex charachterized by lengthy text message conversations, where two people in a more commited, long term relationship may have summed it up in a two minute phone conversation; Courtship period where a phone call may seem too forward, texting is more comfortable.
"Has Bobby hit that yet?"
" haha, nah hes been engaged in primarily textual relations with her since that party"
by POPS703 October 5, 2009
A really fun and funny instagram page that basically every gymnast follows. It’s run by Carrie Ebbin, A really cool 16 year old girl and has over 340,000 followers.
You should follow gymnasts relate on instagram!
by gymnast1234456 October 18, 2018
a person who is related to you by marriage
my sister in law is a cock relation
by rockycar September 24, 2013
Flirting, maintaining a romantic relationship via a text message from a cell phone, an email, or a postal mail letter, such as pen pals or maintenance of a long distance relationship. Textual relations are often used when two people feel the need to carefully choose their words; when thought and careful composition of thought over a longer period of time are required; when the fear of spoken conversation may be misunderstood or taken in the wrong context.
I use my word processor to carefully compose my thoughts before sending my messages out to any of my textual relations.
by R. Hitchcock April 18, 2008
A phrase a rich person uses when they can’t relate to being poor,humble, or having financial struggles.
Garrett Watts says to Jeffree “i had to save up for 2 years to buy this toyota.” Jeffree says, “can’t relate”.
by davincidadog November 19, 2018