A pejorative referring to anything that is awful. Derived from common journalistic parlance of the 90s like "he died from an AIDS related illness."
"Kung Fu Panda" was the most fuckin' AIDS related movie I've ever seen. Can't believe I spent $8.50 to see that piece of shit!
by Rick Shepherd July 1, 2008
An amazing artist who is very creative, sweet, wholesome, and honest, one of the most humble artist out there
I love comics by relatable doodles
by Leafboi1894 June 17, 2021
Australian slang for a relative that isn't related by blood but only by marriage. i.e. brother in-law, cousin in-law, parents in-laws, basically all in-laws...
Me : " Geez mate that brother in-law of yours is a complete dickhead for getting absolutely pissed as a fart at the BBQ then trying to set the cat on fire. You must be really proud he's family...."
Jono : "Fuck off yer wanker pull your head in he's a Prick Relation...."
by Juscath June 17, 2019
A way to pay a local business that raises their stoke and earnings.
I used a relational payment with my mechanic, Doug, so he can replicate Brian O'Connor's car in The Fast and the Furious. I will be doing donuts and drifting in no time. Jabwow babyyyy.
by MaverickToG February 1, 2021
When the Rush Chair, President, or PR Officer of your Fraternity hooks up on a (semi)regular basis with his female countepart in a sorority, IFC, or other campus organization, with whom he already has a strong working relationship. Frequently occurs under the guise of working on a real issue, but somehow always results in the departure of said "dicklomat" from parties, pubs, and other events with his brothers at late hours of the night.
Brother#1: "Sorry guys, I gotta jet. Visiting with Britt from the Betas tonight, got to talk about, uh, winter rush planning."

Brother#2: "Way to keep up dicklomatic relations, son."
by baggins231 January 11, 2010
Sister jeffree star made this a thing. Jus say it when you simply can't relate
"I can't afford that!" "Can't relate."
by Hit or miss i guess they hUhH December 15, 2018