A mood disorder characterized by people getting grumpier and having a shorter fuse as they get older.
My parents are currently experiencing a mild form of age-related mood disorder
by Sexydimma January 26, 2015
A mood disorder charachterized by people having a shorter fuse as they get older
by Sexydimma March 30, 2017
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by LONNIE BJ May 24, 2019
When Noelle has to wear flats and Jeans to a Christening
C'mere look at the poor relation, not even Penneys finest!
by PsychedelicRabbitTamer May 4, 2016
When you didn't know you had other siblings and you are all related through the same male's sperm
I didn't know I had this many sperm relations out there. That man must of been a whore.
by fotzi101 January 29, 2020
Commonly shortened to the OCLRE. Used to pop off with the best mock trial competitions in Ohio, but now takes 3 weeks to return scores and another 2 to award best witnesses and attorneys. Hasn't been the same since they went virtual, and they just might be using COVID as an excuse to slack off.
Man, I sure hope the Ohio Center for Law Related Education gives us our scores this weekend.

First time?

First time.
by reese dimattia May 18, 2022