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The act of forming and playing out an elaborate lie as a means of seeming "hard to get" when dating

Taken from the sitcom "Friends," when character Rachel is trying to make her neighbor ask her out by acting hard to get and pretending she can't attend his party because she is going a regatta gala instead.
Friend: So wait, you told him you couldn't hang out because you were entertaining a friend from out of town who is visiting you in the city?

Me: Yeah, but now he is suggesting all these places that makes sense for us to go and I think he wants to meet us there, isn't that great? He's totally into me now! But do you think you could pretend to be from out of town?

Friend: This is ridiculous, why do you need to regatta gala this guy! If he's into you, just tell him the truth!

Me: Omg, you're right! He's totally getting regatta gala-ed! Don't wear something hot, okay?
by Torvald D Ubihore October 13, 2013
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