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A logical fallacy wherein someone makes a factual claim (usually complete bullshit, usually prefaced with some version of "some people say...") and then refuses to cite any sources to back up said claim by saying, "Well if you don't believe me, you can just Google it." And then they turn into a complete and total cunt when you point out that the burden of proof rests with the person claiming something to be true, and that no, you are not going to "just Google it."
CuntFace: "I heard that some scientists are saying that BP's wrecked oil pipeline is spilling 1 gajillion barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every second!"

Skeptic: "Oh yeah? What scientists? Who's saying that?"

CuntFace: "People. Some scientists. I heard it on the news. You can Google it."

Skeptic: "Uh, no. Sounds like a load of bullshit to me."

CuntFace: "Well that's what I heard, and if you think I'm lying, then go ahead and google it."

Skeptic: "I don't need to google it to know that: one, "a gajillion barrels of oil every second," is a complete load of shit; and two, you are lying. Otherwise, you wouldn't have resorted to the logical fallacy of refugium ad googlium."

CuntFace: "Refu-jism what?"

Skeptic: "Refugium ad googlum."

CuntFace: "What's that?"

Skeptic: "Why don't you google it and find out? You ignorant twat."
by StanielBlorch May 18, 2010
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