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After just returning home from the movies, you stand at the fridge deciding what to eat since the movie popcorn didn't really
constitute dinner. With the fridge door open, you puzzle through the movie's plot points, and there is a disconnect in
the storyline, some pivot point that says to you, "Screenwriter( or author) took me for a ride." It's when you scowl and realize
you've been had. It's when a plot point is so contrived or unbelievable that it insults the reader's / viewer's intelligence.

Occurs mostly frequently in movie sequels, romance novel series, and television drama series that seek to continue the money-making franchise.

Related to: "jump the shark," "pin the plausibility meter," "eyeroll." Shorter versions: "fridge it," "faceplant," "as if," "bin it.'
"Yep, my refrigerator thought? Nah, no way Jason Bourne could NOT have figured that out.."
"What a refrigerator thought! Not a chance that Corinne Giroux could have been fourth months pregnant and not know. "
"Yeah, fridge this 'Charlie Tango' crash in the "Fifty Shades.."series? Christian Grey's operation tracked down Ana via her cell phone to that bar in a matter of minutes. Not a chance that none of Grey's highly-paid security wizards could track down Charlie Tango? Seriously, even I can track a plane/helicopter via publicly-available websites, e.g., FlightAware, if you know the its tail number?"

jump the shark as if faceplant pin the plausibility meter bin it fridge it eyeroll
by Bleuz00m June 05, 2013
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