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a school in marin where girls only wear lulus and everyone meets in the bathroom to juul. you get asked at least once a day to hit ur juul or if u have a pod. the cheapest car in the parking lot is a bmw and if you dont wear air force 1's ur not relevant. its all white kids who try to be black and only listen to rap. you can either meet everyone at cheesesteak or at in n out after school and no one leaves campus until 30 minutes after school gets out. if you look at someone the wrong way you automatically have beef. you constantly get your phone taken in class and you leave once a period for a smoke sesh in the bathrooms. no matter who you are you always wear brandy or stuff from urban. did I say everyone has a juul? no one ever gets in trouble except when you spend to much money on ur dads credit card. you constantly ask people for rides. you and ur friends skip smart to go sit in the car and blast music. everyone follows banger buddy and everyone hates you. no matter who you are someone at the school talks shit about you and you talk shit about people. no one actually knows what the fuck is going on in class and you have a shit load of group chats for homework. also you probably failed your final but its okay because daddy will sue the school if you dont get an A. go giants!
"bro what school do you go to?"
"yo, i go to redwood high school hbu?"
"of fuck i go to Marin Catholic"
by fuckmcbitch December 20, 2017
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Home of the um... Im not sure cuz you never hea anyone saying Redwood Bkahbkahs did anything... I think its Giants. But anyways Redwood (AKA Deadwood) is known for its um well nothing really.
Wow im glad I didnt go to Redwod High School!
by Mister Man February 27, 2005
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