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Refers to the various "levels" or "degrees" of "milk" (sexual intercourse) that are below the actual "full-fat" kind (hot 'n' heavy copulation with totally bare genitals). These include:

2% milk (where the girl manually/orally "releases the pressure" right beforehand, so that the eager stud will be "freshly emptied" and thus won't be able to cum again for at least a few minutes, and so the girl can safely let him insert his bare cock and thrust inside of her for a while without spurting),

1% milk (where the chick still allows the guy to enter her but insists on his using protection),

Fat-free milk (where the cutie just gives the guy a blowjob or handjob. "Fat-free" milk may often be what is administered by a sympathetic-hearted chick to a second guy often while she is simultaneously riding her boyfriend's cock as a "cheer-up/courtesy gesture" so that said male bystander won't feel so "left out"; the girl takes pity on the partner-less dude and uses her lips and/or hands to pleasure his cock and let him "vent his pent-up emotions", without actually "giving him any cream" allowing him access between her legs),

Powdered milk (where the gal lets the guy undress her and caress her all over with his hands and lips, and cuddles naked in bed with him, but does not "pleasure" him orally/manually or permit sexual intercourse of any kind), and

Curds and whey (where the gal lets the guy feel her up, but does not let him undress her).
Horny guy: I love my new girlfriend --- nice personality, hot bod, great cook, and so on. I just wish she would let me truly "go all the way", but she only allows me reduced-fat milk --- makes me wear a rubber if I wanna "do it" between her legs!
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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