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A slow moving nuclear warhead that is featured in UT, UT2k3 and UT2k4. Secondary fire lets you drive it. Most fun to use in CTF-Face.
joo just got pwned by my r3d33m3r.
by Owen Deery March 22, 2004
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One of the most badass weapons ever introduced in a first-person-shooter. Featured in the Unreal Tournament games, it is basically a hand-held nuclear rocket launcher. A single shot can blow anyone within a large area straight to hell. The secondary fire lets you guide the missile yourself.
Brock was PULVERIZED by Malcom's redeemer.
by anonymous January 25, 2005
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A special weapon in the UT series. Moslty included in large maps with open areas, where you can get multiple kills in one shot. The Redeemer has 1 missle as all its ammo (or 2 in original unreal tournament if you pick it up twice). This missle, when luanched with primary fire flies very slowly towards its target and on collision explodes with a nuclear explosion with a very large radius, anything within this radius will be dead in milliseconds or severly damaged. It is easy to shoot down the missle with a fast firing weapon. Its ability to ignore armour makes it even more powerful. Second fire gives you the ability to control the missle with unlimited feul. This weapon will not only damage foe, it will turn you into particlaes as well if you are anywhere near its massive explosion.

Most common weapon used to get you called a noob or deemer noob, since it so easy to kill people with it.
ZdViP3r: OMFG WTF was that u deemer fag i had a fking 199 health and all u fking noob
Bob: lol
ZdViP3r: lame
by Annihilator April 15, 2005
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redeemmer a super supository with major blow back as a side effect also slang for having a wet fart
Oh my god i had a redeemer
by GOD-CGS- July 01, 2006
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